It’s me, Jess

Welcome to my blog! I hope to share parts of me that may help others or even ignite some passion to do what you love. My story comes with joy, fear, victory and tragedy. I have more examples in this life than explanations to give anyone. I am loved by the most wonderful, full of grace and mercy God, and I love him with all that is within me. I am far from half way perfect and I have a track record of hurting people first before helping them . I am changing that. I hate to quit anything, but I also know when to surrender. I love life and I am not where I want to be and sometimes I don’t know what direction I am going, but I believe that all my steps have been and are still ordered by the Lord. I decided a long time ago to follow Jesus. I tend to take detours though… Someone told me once that it doesn’t matter how many steps you take away from God, it only takes one to come back to him! You know what?… that’s true.
Love Jess


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