Teach me Tuesday

Do you remember your first time being taught to ride a bike, shave your legs/beard, make box mac and cheese or even a pot of coffee? Who taught you? Where were you? How old were you? Did you have to ask to be taught or did someone see the need in you? If someone taught you, did you thank them or were you caught up in the newly learned skill?

How many times in our lives has someone taught us something so common that is almost doesn’t seem important? I am pretty sure that my mom taught me how to wash clothes, make my bed, boil an egg and I probably didn’t thank her for it (I’m sorry). It may have even been a chore, but even that ‘chore’ taught me something else. It taught me

  1. discipline
  2. structure
  3. accountability/responsibility. 

Don’t let yourself become so entitled or encompassed by your surroundings and what you think you deserve that you forget to give thanks for what you are being taught and who is teaching you.

Has someone recently asked you to show them how to do something? Did you show them or did you do it for them? If you showed them, did you do it with grateful and sincere heart? Did you do it without wanting anything in return? If you did it for them, have you thought about what you stole from that person? Did you get frustrated? If God were to get frustrated, how frustrated would he be with us? I don’t even want to know that answer. Just some food for thought.

So, to my teachers, strangers, friends, coworkers, family, I want to say “Thank you”. You may remember a time that you taught me something that I may have forgotten was you, it doesn’t take away from the fact you edified my life.

Mom, you deserve your own paragraph, because we both know I could write and ongoing, never-ending book of all you have taught me and continue to teach me. Without you I would not be able to enjoy my cup of coffee every morning, I would have greasy dishes, unmatched socks, dusty fan blades and old rotten food in the refrigerator. My bath towels wouldn’t be neatly folded and I would brush my teeth in the sink like regular people (I brush my teeth in the shower like you). You unknowing taught me to always have milk and cereal in the house and that is it OK to eat that for dinner. You taught me to be…me. I love you for it all. Thank you.



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