Surrender Sunday

Jesus, I was created to worship and adore thee.


You my God are the savior of the world. To surrender to you is to completely abandon all of myself to you in all ways, everyday of my life. I was created to give you all the glory, honor and praise. I have to surrender my thoughts, words and actions to you in order to live, to really live.IMG_20170312_010840

Not the shell of a woman who collects all the trinkets this world offers that hold temporary pleasure and that is masked by lies, lust and deception which serve solely to keep my eyes off of you. -Jessica Garcia Vasquez

I have surrendered so much of my time already in things that do not matter, in things that have taken me away from you. My flesh is weak and easily detoured from your holiness. I pray for strength to withstand confidently that which temps me, even though I know that means it comes with more temptations. Practice makes perfect, this is something I know I will never achieve, but I run towards it everyday. I try to at least.

I yield to your love God. Your love restores what I have allowed to damage, it mends the brokenness in my life. I crumble beneath your mercy over me. All the times I forsake you, I acted against your commandments, I poisoned my temple that was made to worship you. Your mercy my God, I am undeserving of, so I receive it humbly with gratefulness. I submit to your ways, to the plan you have for me. I give in to your Holy Spirit to minister to me when we are alone, when I find myself in darkness, when a need is placed before me, when I need more from you, I will draw unto thee! I lay down my life for you as you did for me. I am yours and you are mine.IMG_20170311_231508

I know you see me, you hear me, you have never left my side. You always comfort me, on your time. You don’t save me when I call for you, but when I have been tested and tried, when I am tired and weary, when I am battered and broken, it is then you come in and make all things new again and again. You have allowed things in my life to happen so that I may Glorify you even more, so that I may share the testimony of when and how you have saved me time and time again. To bring the lost and hurt to you, so that they may experience you themselves.FB_IMG_1489017179529

I surrender to you. You are perfect. You are the “Great I am” You have the keys of life and death in your hands. My hope is built on you Lord. You are coming. I trust in you. I surrender my cup to you, fill it with all you have already written for me. You are Lord of all and I love you.


Your faithful servant,



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