Worship Wednesday

Wednesdays have always been my favorite days to go to church. For some reason it always felt much more intimate and personal. The word has always been more centered and felt focused to me, like God was really making sure to get through to me. Lately I have been really feeling God closer to me more than ever, his presence is heavy. 

We were made in God’s image and for the purpose of worship and adoration to him. He is the reason for every season, literally. I recently heard a Pastor on a live music album say, “Don’t ever let a song interrupt your worship!”. I have always used music to set the tone for me to get into deep prayer and even lead into worship. Music is important to me and I know it plays a big part in us coming into the presence of God. I use many song lyrics as a prayer and form of worship. I know what that pastor meant. It is more the act of stopping your personal communication with the Lord to sing a song just to sing it. 

I have a playlist on Spotify called Good Good Father (Check it out, button is on my home page) that has some of my favorite songs for worship. I listen to it daily, without fail. It’s how I start my day, spend my day and end my day. I even have my boyfriend singing some of the lyrics to the songs! (He isn’t a believer, and that is another story) I know the words speak to him, I don’t fight him, that is a battle for the Lord and I am going to venture and say, the Lord is winning that one. 🙂 

I remember going to the beaches while I lived in Florida and looking out to the ocean thinking, wow…

God made this. He called this into exisitance, he told the ocean how far to go, the mountains how high to stretch, the sun how bright to shine and the moon how quiet to be. He is worthy of it all. Worthy for all of our worship.

-Jessica Garcia Vasquez

I pray this has blessed someone today. Know that you were created to worship him. If God stopped moving in your life right now it would still take us thousands of years to give him all the praise and worship that is due his name! Worship him because of who he is, because he is God all by himself. Be blessed. 




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