Some Assembly Required (by some, I mean a lot)

How many times are we guilty of saying to others, “you don’t understand what I’m going through!“. Looking at someone’s life and wishing it was ours. Shaking our heads at people who “don’t know what struggle is“, at least in our eyes. All those times you curse your situation and blame someone else for your outcome? What about this one, “I’d like to see you try!” I am guilty first hand of all these at some point in my life. Sometimes I don’t even know I am comparing or wishing onto another, my burdens.

At least now, I feel some conviction when I realize I’ve done it or am doing it, and secretly ask for forgiveness. I am now learning that most of, if not all of the obstacles I’ve overcome are meant just for me. Some may ask, “Jess, what do you mean?

I mean just that.


I can’t look back on a situation, event, tragedy, loss, hurt, illness or blessing that was not a lesson.Even if at the time and for years to come I wouldn’t see it.


What I am embarrassed to say, is, for all the time it took for me to realize the good it would impact my life, I held on to the negative parasite that stemmed from such instances. Things like, anger, sorrow, anxiety, fear, doubt, shame, regret, loneliness, but most importantly of all, I would lose focus on him.

word 5.30.1

See, now I know that everything that will come to pass in my life, whether by my hand or the divine path I chose to follow, there is nothing He hasn’t already experienced and overcome. Does it make my life easier to live? By all means, yes. That’s not to say it will all be easy peasy, it just means that I have the best person to go to for advise. I have my personal counselor. Not to mention, the bill is paid in full! (That is worth mentioning)

So, instead of crying over,

a failed marriage

a drug addicted son/daughter

a cancer ridden mother

a forgetful father

a bother gone too soon

an estranged sister

a barren womb


Cry out to God! Cry out to God because he is God, all by himself. He knows all of your needs before the thought is even processed in your mind. Cry out for others petitions. There are legs that can’t walk, eyes that can’t see, voices who can not be heard, people yearning for a loving embrace, minds who are bound and kept at the enemies camp! (that is spiritual) And cry, yes CRY! I sometimes imagine I am washing the feet of my savior with my tears and I dry them with my hair.

If you get anything from this, let it be this. You are not alone. You will survive. You have an amazing father who created you in his image. You have a savior who didn’t put you on lay-a-way, but paid for you up front, knowing you would have some assembly required. All the while, this is not even our home. We get to spend eternity with the one who loves us the most, until then, Do as much as you can, with all that you can for as long as you can.




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