Humanity! Humanity! Where art thou?!?

The quality and condition on our human nature has dropped below the minimum to NOT BE WORRIED!

I sit here writing this and I try to remember the timeline since I have been on this earth, when did it get so….. pitiful?

There are many examples and instances of the diminished status of humanity going on all over our world at this exact moment, but I want to write about something that is so basic and simple that we all can do. Effort, initiative, SOMETHING!

I have to give you a bit of back story but I will keep it to needed information only, then quickly get to the point I want to make. 

Scenario: Movie theater with tickets to animated film for 1 thirteen year old and a 4 year old (sisters), I am standing in the maze of the concession line to order Popcorn and a Soda for the girls. We are about 9th in line and a young boy with an empty popcorn bucket gets in line 2 spots behind me. I was not the only person who saw him because he spilled some of his kernels on the carpet and did the thoughtful gesture of picking them up and putting it back in the bucket. It was common sense that he was sent out by an adult or other individual to get a refill on the popcorn. As he stood in line, I thought, “this kid is going to miss his movie and all he needs is a refill.” I politely ask him if he was in line for a refill on his popcorn, and he confirmed (I did this while another customer stood between us) I instructed him that he didn’t have to wait in line for that and that he should stand behind the paying couple and be ready to just ask for it, I even told him that he’d miss the movie. I assured him that it was fine. So, he followed direction. The cashier saw him in her periferal and before he even had the opportunity to ask she stretched her arm out and said, “refill?” Once he got his bucket of popcorn back he had the biggest smile on his face and looked back at me and said, “thank you!” I smiled back and told him to enjoy his movie.

Ordering: We order the popcorn and soda and I asked if we could refill the popcorn later. The cashier stated it is for the Stubb’s Rewards customers only. I said, “OK”……>insert awkward silence< I ask her, how does one become a reward customer, since she didn’t offer the information. Surprisingly it was quite simple. Just a name and an email address. Done.

So, now that the movie has ended I text and asked if they could bring some popcorn back. When they return I was happy to have some theater popcorn and sadly saw the empty bucket. Confused. I asked, what happened? Now this is what set me off. When my 13 year old God-daughter asked for her refill, she was instantly met with the following statement. “Refills are only for Stubb’s Rewards members, do you have your card?” Well, no popcorn for her!

Listen, she is a kid. Don’t speak adult to her. So had no clue what you are talking about. If you’re not going to tap into your common sense to see that she obviously won’t have a card on her, then at least be consistent. When the young boy who was about to wait for his refill was met by an idividual who gave him sound directions that were for his good intention was not asked for any reward card, then do the same across the board! How about this, ask her if she would like to become a Rewards member or where her chaperone is? How do you think she even knows to ask for a refill. Don’t just speak to her without explanation. Help her at least understand not only why you can not have a refil but how you can. 

This is bigger than popcorn, I swear it is and if you are still reading, Thank you. It is the principle. Why don’t we help each other more? It literally takes little to no effort at all. We were taught this in Kindergarten! Share information if it will benefit someone else. We should be overflowing in commpassion at all times to empathize with others. We need to be better! We know better?!? This whole situation was even blind to my family that was involved. I am sure they thought I was “CRAZY”, because you know what I did? Yup, I picked up the empty popcorn bucket, asked for the keys and drove to the theater. I didn’t know why exactly or if I wanted a resolution of sorts. All I know was that being quiet about the bigger picture was not going to happen. Someone needed to know how they made an innocent little girl feel of some damn popcorn!

I can see myself now, stomping in, passing the ticket taker and giving the don’t even try me lady. I walked straight to Customer Relations and asked for someone to meet me. She got on her Walkie-talkie and I waited. When the Manager walked up, I took a deep breath and made a disclaimer that I would make the effort to keep calm. I shared with her the points I made earlier and even said that I had no idea what result I wanted or even if I wanted one. I told her that someone needed to hear and take accountability of the actions of some of the team members. 

In the end, I left with a full bucket of popcorn.

And, 3 movie passes, 3 vouchers for popcorn and soda to any AMC theater.
but really, letsbe better people. Help each other out. You don’t have to know one another. Just do what is right, because it is the right thing to do. Even if no one is watching. 



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