How many times have you been around someone who talks in “bumper sticker”? You know what that means. Everything they say speak or respond with is some form of generic hideyho cookie pressed have a nice day slogan! You unknowingly stare at them with the “are you serious right now?” Or “shut the -front- door” face. It’s almost as if they are obscured of the reality around all of us by their blinding Teletubbie sun. These types of people are the worst to talk to when you actually need to vent or have some legit to quit dilemma going on. They make you want to drive to Dollar Tree and buy some cheap form of baby powder just to fill your palm up and introduce it to their face!

Maybe that’s just me. Though I highly doubt it. In the event you have never had someone like this in your waking life, then tag! You’re it!

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not a pessimist or am optimist. I like to think that I’m a realist with a mostly positive attitude. The differences between Mr.&Mrs. Bumper sticker and I are that I won’t dismiss your situations or issues. I prefer to use my the E’s.

– Evaluate the situation
– Empower yourself over the situation
– Execute your plan in the situation

I’ll go further in these in my future blog/talk I have called 3E’s (see what I did there)

Check back here for details



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