Survivor Mode

Scripture: Matthew 8:5-13

You are still standing. You have not been conquered. You may be battered and bruise and even broken, but yet you stand. You may not stand tall or stable but none the less you stand. Everything the enemy has done to beat you and tell you that you are finished, has all failed and will continue to fail with God on your side. He is your motivator, your General in wartime, your Counsel in all matters, He is your lawyer when you are tried, He is your shield when all you have left is to stand. He has already went into battle for you and won it on Calvary! Be confident that you are not at the end of it all until you are before him in all his Majesty. The boat may be taking on water and it will surely sink, but you were made to walk on water! Keep you focus and center on the Lord and he will lift you to high places. This is not our home, you are in a foreign land. We belong in a celestial and holy place, you will arrive. Praise him through the storm, lift your hands in worship to him. The only surrender you make that puts you in the most powerful place is at the feet of Jesus.
When everything fails, know that you will be held. That’s a promise. Hope is born of suffering.




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