Understanding Pain

Day 1

What Pit of Pain have you found yourself in recently? Are there any that are reoccurring? Do you know that though you may feel alone during these times, you are not. You have people who love you and pray for you without your permission or knowledge. More importantly, the Lord is with you. He weeps with you. He holds you in his vision and in his embrace. He speaks to you. When you feel the unknown peace that seems out of place in the midst of your storm, it is him. When your heart begins to race and wants to jump from your chest at the moment you make hard decisions, it is him prompting you to trust him. It will not be easy to ‘climb out’ of these places of pain, but it will be constant that you can. You have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to have dominion over all in your life through him. The Lord has plans to do things in your life for you but also THROUGH you. Do you remember all those times you ‘felt’ that THIS IS IT., I’M DONE.

It wasn’t! You are still here, standing before everything that has ever tried to come against you and that will come against you. Be confidant that you have the victory regardless of the battles you may lose along the way. You are a survivor, not a victim. You are a conqueror not a prisoner, you are forgiven not condemned, you are delivered not dismissed! You are his and he is yours. It is OK if you are Broken, Our God is a Creator, he will restore you. It is OK if you are hurt, our God is a healer. Its OK if you are lost, Gods’ word is a lamp for our feet, a light on our path.

Ask yourself this in regard to your situation right now. Are you running away from God? (Why) Are you running towards God? (Why) Are you running with God? (Why) Don’t just think about this , write it down. Once you have written it down, say it out loud. Speak your situation out loud and empower yourself with the promises of God’s word your freedom is not for sale or trade. Your pardon has been paid for and it will not come back void! Face your enemy and shout back that you are not made to fear anything, You have a God who’s love for you is so powerful and present that saying the name of Jesus alone is all the weapon you need but surely not all you have. I challenge you to go back to the enemies camp and TAKE back what he stole from you! Take back your life, your joy, your marriage, your health, your children, your finances, your purpose!

Enemies Camp – old school song of proclamation! I challenge you to sing this every morning for the next 30 days! See what happens. I DARE YOU. when you get the urge to cry, do it! You don’t cry because you are weak, but because you will never have the words to tell God how grateful your are for all he has done in your life. Don’t worry about looking ‘crazy’ stomping around your house or the grocery store! Actions speak louder than words. Go Ahead, Take it all back.


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