Get off the couch!

Day 4

Scripture: Numbers 11:11-15

I know that I am not the only one who has wasted time (you may be doing this now) on the pity party couch! Always asking, better yet, complaining “why me?” This chapter brought me a sense of satisfaction and completion. There were questions that I was able to answer NO to and it be a good thing. NO, I am not living in my past. No I am not sitting on the “why me?” couch. I do not expect people to come and celebrate me in my suffering or nurture me through pain.

I was in this frame of mind a little over a year ago. Just like the chapter said, I took that metaphoric ‘couch’ and put it out on the curb! Think of the couch as a crutch in your life. How many of you have experienced a super comfy couch, as soon as you sit on it, it envelops you. It will take you captive and entice you to stay just a little bit longer. Now pair that with the hard things you are doing in your life right now. The couch is disguised as a pit, time doesn’t stop, but living in freedom does. Its equivalent to spending 5 minutes on the couch having a pity party for yourself and soon you realize its has been a year. You can’t get that back.

I understood that any pain or hard thing I must do is not to destroy me, but to develop me. Why not me?! God loves me so much, when I lose focus on him he moves his presence in my life to the next step. He is calling me, “come on Jess!” I finally realized that he has already been in the hard place before I arrived. He is always preparing a place for me. God is with me through it and will see me out of it. I didn’t say he would TAKE me out of it, He will SEE me out of it. His eyes are on the sparrow, are they not on me? He prepares a place for me in the PRESENCE of my enemies! I laugh with joy every time I say this, because it is true. It is written. His word will never come back void, because he is the Word and that Word became flesh and dwelt among us. He gave the ultimate sacrifice so that he may live within us, forever. So, get off the couch and know that we don’t just wait on God, but we wait IN God. He has made all things new. Now go! Live! Live in HIM. There is a place where fear has to face the God you know, and its not on the couch.


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