There’s this woman, I call her grandma.


These birthdays seem to be more precious with time. Its not just a celebration of you and that God has blessed you with another year but one of thankfulness. I am thankful that I can still talk to you today and hear your voice, I know that always won’t be so. You have recently taught me that there is a place where my fear has to face the God I know. I love you for that. I have always needed you grandma. I will always feel that I need you. Your faith in God is inspiring and guides me. You teach me that I am not alone, ever. You teach me that your love and the love of our God surpasses all. There are many things we didn’t see coming in our lives and many times we have cried in private. In all those times, I know that your prayers have held us up, have pushed us through and have spoken life into dry bones. I love that you are so compassionate with your family. You have been and continue to be our reason to be better. You are perfect for us and I thank God for you. When there seems to be no way you remind me that He is the way. When I have felt that God has somehow forgot about me you remind me that he hasn’t. You have prepared a place for your family in the path of our living God. You are favored and heard. I know that the blessings and anointing God has on you will also overflow to me. I know that God holds you in his hand and there is room for me. I know that you Love with every fiber of your body and that brings me peace. I know that you live for him and so do I. I see you. I watch your faith grow and guide you and I follow! Happy Birthday.




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