I am located in Garland TX, I have a beautiful dog daughter named Whiskey Marie, a dog son named Bourbon Leonardo and a loving life partner who adores me. I graduated high school and completed some college in South Florida.

I love pizza with extra cheese, sing along movies and I can’t dance. I absolutely love coffee in all forms. I was born in August but am willing to celebrate my birthday all year round. I shop on Amazon and don’t like crowded places. I would prefer to watch movies at home in my bed. I don’t remember life before Spotify (check out my playlists). I have a pretty big family. I was born in Florida in a small town called Belle Glade.

My Grandmother is a bad-ass (sorry, not sorry for the language). She owns her own Trucking company and has been hauling sugar cane the staple crop and way of income in our part of town for over 20 years. She eats super healthy, and believes in the power of prayer and of God. She is also been diagnosed with cancer, but she knows where she is going after this life and also contributes to her bad-assness!

The sweetest name I know is the name of Jesus and I can tell you about him if you’d like. I like to think of myself as a pretty open-minded individual to an extent that doesn’t challenge my moral compass. I love people and wish we all loved each other a little more. I have always enjoyed writing and believe that cursive should still be taught in schools. I don’t have children and am not sure if I want any. I don’t know a lot of things but will research the ‘H’ out of something I don’t know. I don’t conform to they popular things of this world that make people lose sight of the important things in life. Make-up, I do like make-up, that is my guilty pleasure.


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