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Do you remember the story about when Jesus was traveling and stayed in the city while the disciples went to look for food? He was tired from his long journey and sat at Jacob’s well… Do you remember that story? He was thirsty. A Samaritan woman came to draw water and Jesus asked her for a drink. During this time Jews and Samaritan did not share things in common. She also is not named in any of the gospels. I can almost see her face with confusion and distaste as she questions his request. He told her or rather informed her that if she only knew who was asking her for water she would ask him for water. She pointed out that he didn’t even have a bucket to draw water?! He told her that those who drink that water from the well will be thirsty again, but the water he offers is living water and you will never thirst again. He points out some of her more recent “flaws” and she realized that he is a prophet and that she knows the Messiah is coming who they will call Christ. Then he tells her, “I am he, the one who speaks to you”. How great is that?!?!

What a many people don’t know is that she went on to share with many people who she met and spoke to at the well. Many people came to believe in Jesus through her witness testimony of him. She drew attention of the Emperor and he called for her to answer for her faith. She suffered many tortures an died a martyr after being thrown in a dry well. She was given a new name when she was baptized, her name was Photini.

This is an event without precedent: that a woman, and what is more a “sinful woman,” becomes a “disciple” of Christ.

-John Paul II

B33E73E0-9BA7-4B62-A61B-9824E406E412This is why I named this Blog: Kika’s Well.

I will proclaim the name and salvation of the Lord for all time.



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